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Southwest Michigan Dermatology has been a satisfied client with Tenridge Bookkeeping for a period of time. SMD is extremely happy with the professional and collaborative services. Tenridge Bookkeeping is willing be innovative and provide customization to an organizations financial needs. SMD highly recommends Tenridge Bookkeeping to any healthcare professional looking for high quality and professional service.

- Jamie Iedema, Practice Manager

Southwest Michigan Dermatology

Angela at Tenridge Bookkeeping was able to step in and help us when we had a staffing change at our company. She is professional, organized, and detail oriented.  I would highly recommend Angela for any bookkeeping services that you are in need of!

- Laura Mrozinski, Controller, CPA, CMGA, FACMPE

Paragon Health, PC

Tenridge Bookkeeping has been such a saving grace for our new law firm! Angela is a true professional and she is very trustworthy. She worked very quickly to get all of our books updated and she has truly created peace of mind when it comes to our bookkeeping. We are so happy with Tenridge and highly recommend their services!

- Ean Hamilton, Partner

Hamilton Law, PLC

Tenridge Bookkeeping been my administrative rescue for my small business for several years now.  My needs are too small to hire in house, but I still need someone in weekly to help with basics, as well as managing all the accounting.  They handle all my invoicing, receivables, banking, expense entry, and more, for a fraction of the cost of having an in house employee.  They are an integral part of keeping my daily business flowing. Best hire I ever made!

- Terry Zywicki, Owner

Kalamazoo Garden Design

I'm a small businessperson and have worked with an oddly large number of accountants and bookkeepers over the years, mostly because they either charge way more than a small business should be expected to pay, or mess up your accounting and still expect you to pay for it... or... BOTH (oh yes, that has definitely happened). I guess since I was not the most financial literate person they figured they had me over a barrel or something. 

Then... along comes Angela, and Tenridge Bookkeeping. I can't say enough. First, she helps straighten things out. Then, she gets your bookkeeping on track and goes through the most tedious of online registration processes, which of course has to involve you, and she keeps you updated with emails and helps you stick to it until you are perfectly registered. THEN: she meets with you and teaches you how to become more financially aware of your own bookkeeping so at last, you actually know what's going on. And then finally: she does your regular bookkeeping, and does it all for a reasonable price. I am so happy I switched to Angela at Tenridge. Thank you Angela. I really wish you much success.

- Dr. Jonathan Vahue, Owner/Chiropractor

Healthy Family Chiropractic

We have worked with Angela Crawford and Tenridge Bookkeeping for about 8 years. She is a professional. She is detail-oriented. She listens. She brings GREAT solutions. She is looking for ways to help us be more steam-lined, efficient and modern in our bookkeeping. She is seasoned enough to also handle tasks that an accountant might normally handle, which reduces our bill from the more expensive accountant. She is a treasure!

 - Julie Cook Brown, Owner

Easy On Hold

Tenridge bookkeeping has been an efficient, clean, thorough, and dependable source for our specific accounting needs. I highly recommend Angela and her team no matter the size of the work. They are extremely responsive and dedicated to helping their customers.

- Mike Faupel, Owner


Angela is very reliable, detailed oriented, responds quickly and is always there if you have an accounting problem to solve. She has excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I would recommend Tenridge Bookkeeping to anyone. Your business will be in good hands. "

- Ivona Swan, Operations Manager

Greenlink Engineering

I needed help with my small business accounting records big-time and Angela at Tenridge Bookkeeping was the answer. I’ve always had problems with my Balance Sheet not balancing but didn’t have the time or the knowledge to do the necessary work to straighten it out. I live in another state but Angela was able to take on the challenge remotely. She quickly and seamlessly found my errors, making the appropriate adjustments! Her ability to sort out numbers and locate inaccuracies is amazing. My CPA is thrilled since he won’t have to spend his time sorting it all out anymore. And I’m happy that my business records are finally accurate. I would recommend Tenridge Bookkeeping to anyone who needs help with their accounting. 

- Patt Rutlidge, Owner

Rutter's Rod Shop